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22rh532 and a beginers first thoughts and questions

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First I am sorry for writing in English. 



5 days ago a friend of my bring me a pair of 22rh532. I was not expecting such detailed, nice sound from a set of active speakers from 1974. I am surprised. My main setup up is  Creek power amp, Epos speakers. I also hook a Luxman receiver to my Epos speakers also. I mean I already have a nice setup but these 22rh532s was totally surprising. 


I am considering recapping them. They sound good but I am pretty sure that recapping them will make them sing better. If anyone would like to share do's and don'ts list I would like to listen. 


And I would like to also ask your opinion about AD0160Ts. I could hear highs better and I googled the tweeter of my 532  but this article made ( me a little bit confused. Are AD0160Ts really a very bad choice? I mean they are already sounding nice to my ears, but if there is a room for improvement I would definitely try to improve the sound of these speakers. 


Thank you very much




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Hi Emre,

Nice to read that you value the 532, it will be quite different than passive speakers you knew so far.
The recap might change a little, best audible results come from changing the cheap, small ones. (values between 4,7 uf and 470 uf).
Mainly the 4,7 uf capacitors could harm your sound. A bad 330uf capacitor could cause your box to remain in stby.
A don't is buying / changing all its capacitors and discovering that the sound hardly changed. Consider to replace the big capacitors if you see growing leakage on its terminals (yellow/black)
The ad0160 tweeter is a special one, some like it and soms think it is a little too noisy. You could consider mounting two AD0163 types.
And in stead of spending a lot on new capacitors you coud look out for a slightly newer model mfb : 22RH544.
These have newer tweeters if your modelnumber is 22RH544/00R series PL02 or higher like 22RH544/50R PL... or 22RH54400R PL03...

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@herman thank you very much! ad0160 or not I am enjoying the highs! I was surprised to read the article about them. 


The serial numbers I have seems to be 22RH532/00P PL11981, so I guess I have older tweeters? Or not, I am enjoying them 🙂 


I will continue listening without a recap for a while I guess since they sound just fine. When problems arise I know where to start. 


Thank you!