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Difference and upgrade from DSS930 to DSS930SE

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Hello Iam new here and be glad to found that forum.
I have some DSS940 and also DSS930 speakers.
I just think maybe to upgrade the 930 to 930SE.
First of all, where are differences official and unofficial ?
Is that possible have somebody already made that ?
Is that a good idea at all,or even recommended ?
Also some other improvements or live time extensions recommendation for the 930 and 940 are known or made here from some members?
Iam a experienced technician(mechanics&electronics) so that should be not the limitation here
Please let me know your knowledge, i like the digital series from philips.



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Welcome to this forum Robert. DSS are nice speakers. I don't think they need modification.

If you do want to modify them you will need a different eeprom (software) and a newer hard to find tweeter RT8P.