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Please Help with MFB 587 🙁

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First of all I'm sorry if I write in english

I'm Andrea and I'm very happy that I discovered this beautiful website and forum about MFB speakers. I bought a pair of Philips 545 and I can't wait to test them, and a pair of 587 which I have already here in my studio.

I've got a problem with the 587.


1 - One speaker has the Midrange which sounds weak. I opened the speaker and tested the Midrange unit itself and it works perfectly. So I hit several time the speaker with my hand on the top of it and the midrange comes and goes but anyway sounds weak.
I read some other posts here on the forums and seems that the responsible of the intermittent sound could be the relay. Could be...Ok but my question is: could the relay be responsible also for the weak sound?

2 - How can I clean the Relay? Should I unsolder it, open it and clean inside? how?
3 - Is it possible to buy a new brand relay for my 587?


The second speaker both Woofer, mid and Tw, sound very weak. The sound between them is balanced, if I turn the volume knob all the way up and down the speaker sounds ok, just weak. Very Weak. Doesn't sound like a problem with the amplifier but not sure. Could be also the relay on this? By the way the relay switch on and off if I hit the speaker on the top.

Well, I hope that someone here has the time to answer me detailed because I can't find any useful informations on internet about this problem.

Thank you and have a nice weekend. 🙂